Sam Ramsey and Varroa

Samuel Ramsey

I have heard Samuel Ramsey speak at several bee conferences and his work may prove to be the key to fixing the varroa problem.  He spoke last night at Susquehanna Beekeepers Association meeting and while this video is not the actual presentation the following is a quick overview of his topic.  His full presentation is particularly interesting because Sam’s tip off that something was not right came through his Grandmother!

Samuel Ramsey and Varroa youtube

Thanks to my friend Todd Cichonowicz at Deer Creek Apiaries for the info.

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One thought on “Sam Ramsey and Varroa

  1. I saw him speak in Philly about his discovery, (interesting btw) but how does this fix the varroa “problem”? Varroa aren’t going anywhere, so isn’t the answer still selecting for varroa resistant bees? To me, it has to be.


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