The Best Time to Graft Queens

My friend Dr. Larry Connor always says the best time to graft queen cells is when the black locust is blooming.


Dr. Lawrence J. Connor  — photo credit: Bee People and WICWAS Press

I thought I would miss that unique signal now that I have moved to the western edge of those ecoregions that support pseudo acacia  (commonly known as black locust).  But as luck would have it I found a single grove of black locust here in Wise County, Texas, about 40 miles northwest of Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Immediately I called our local Master Beekeeper candidate (Donnie John) to show him and he was as excited as I was!  There is nothing like standing in a grove of blooming black locust.  The look is dreamy, the aroma is heavenly, and the bees are loving it!  Keep an eye out for this blossom as the honey gets top ratings in most blind taste tests.

pseudo acacia in bloom.jpg


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