Beekeeping Podcasts

When I speak to beekeeping groups I always recommend using some of your commuting travel time or your free time by listening to a Beekeeping Podcast.  The average commute time for workers in the U.S. is 45 minutes which can be just enough time for one episode.  You can search the various podcasts for a special topic or person you want to learn about, or just listen to all the downloads one at a time.  Listening to a podcast a few at a time is easy if you have a smart phone.  Start by looking for the podcast icon on your phone.

It may look like this:  podcast   Or you can use a dedicated podcast app such as Stitcher. Then use the search button to find beekeeping podcasts of interest and SUBSCRIBE, then download one or more episodes.  There are many interesting sites including Bees & Such, Kiwimana Buzz, The Contrary Beekeepers Show, etc.   My favorite is The Beekeepers Corner or BKCorner podcast by Kevin Inglin. 

There are several reason his shows work for me. Kevin is so calm, smart and rational! His 162 podcasts,  ….. so far,….  reflect his 10 year journey from novice to EAS Master Beekeeper and his research into each topic is meticulous!  He tries out products and reports on their usefulness.  Best of all, Kevin speaks slowly and in a deep voice, so you can set your listening mode to 1 1/2 speed and get a 1 hour podcast done in 40 minutes.

bk corner Using the show notes by going to the podcaster’s website lets you find specific information you might want to hone in on  or specific people who have been interviewed. For example you will find me interviewed on BK Corner episode 107 or on Kiwimana Buzz episode 99.   (Randy Oliver is on episode 61 KMB).  If you need to skip ahead on BK Corner to pass up the “Local Hive Report” you can fast forward or start listening 10 or 15 minutes into the podcast.  Or you can use the 15 or 30 second reverse  and forward buttons to go back or forward.  One great feature of the BK Corner website is the detailed listing of each topic covered.  This is in the episode “SHOW NOTES” and lists the time sequence for each separate topic.  And one of the best features is quick access to hyperlinks for each product mentioned.

I hope you can enjoy a podcast soon!  Who can not be inspired by the intro music on The BK Corner by Huey Lewis and the NEWS ?

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