Joe Lewis is the former owner of Harfard Honey and for the last eleven years was a sideliner beekeeper in Bel Air Maryland.  (Harford Honey is now operated by Matt Ponter). Joe is still a partner in Harford Honey as well as retaining an interest in Deer Creek Apiaries operated by Todd Cichonowicz out of Abingdon, Maryland.)  Both are pollination contractors, bee sellers, and providers of premium, unfiltered, all natural, local and regional honey.

Note: Joe has recently relocated to Wise County, Texas, but continues the pursuit of bee knowledge.

Check out his videos on “Sustainable Beekeeping through Nucleus Colonies” on YouTube, such as this one  Sustainable Beekeeping 

You can also listen to Joe on popular beekeeping podcasts such as The Beekeepers Corner Podcast   BK Corner – one on one with Joe Lewis  and Kiwimana Buzz (podcast # 99).

Most of Joe’s articles are available at the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association website

Susquehanna Beekeepers including a downloadable copy of the Queen Rearing Calendar Wheel.  Joe is available to speak at local and regional bee meetings where his provocative talk will get you excited about making nucs and splits!