Cool Beekeeping Tools

Beekeeping gets easier when you have the right tools! Some tools are available from suppliers but why pay money when you can make them yourself? My friends Kevin Inglin and Bob Kloss from the NW New Jersey Beekeepers Association give some great tips at their Beekeeper’s Gadget Garage .  Kevin also runs the beekeepers corner podcast that you can access from your iPhone or Smartphone podcast app. BK Corner Podcast

Kevin Inglin and Bob Kloss

Kevin and Bob

A couple of years ago my local club had the privilege of hosting Allen Hayes to present all his cool beekeeping tools and ideas.  We made notes on the things he told us and listed them in this document.  Allen Hayes gadget presentation to SBA Sept 9 – 2015

Allen Hayes

Allen Hayes 1

Allen is currently the president of Maryland State Beekeepers Association.

If you have your own cool tools you would like to share with others please comment on this blog posting and share the site link with your beekeeping friends.